The surprising events which are developed on the screen bewitch, force to tremble, worry together with heroes. Viewing of movies not just entertains, allows to have a good time, but also learns. Looking at talented acting, it is possible to learn more sincerely, to directly express feelings, not to be afraid of their manifestations. To enjoy love to life, to look for depth in each person. And in general - to be simpler, more honest. Such atmosphere is cast by really magic cinema of Bollywood. Having seen at least once the Indian movie, it will be impossible to stop. There is all about what we dream to see in reality: the evil does not remain unpunished, and the good always ascends on a pedestal. Feelings of a nepoddelna, sincerely, the love - is charming, it should be trusted. Having begun bollywood movies 2015 watch online it is possible to notice that directors are not tired to experiment, creating fascinating plots with the unusual courses, sharp turns, unexpected, unpredictable outcomes.


Ant-Man 30-03-2023
year: 2015
country: ---
age: ---
IMDb ---
Hollywood / Films / Action / Comedy / Sci-Fi

Beeba Boys

Beeba Boys 11-01-2023
year: 2015
country: Canada
age: n/A
IMDb 4,9
Crime / Thriller / Bollywood / Films / Drama


Fauda 2-01-2023
year: 2015
country: Israel
age: TV-MA
IMDb 8,2
Hollywood / Series / Action / Drama / Thriller

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan 14-11-2022
year: 2015
country: Japan
age: n/A
IMDb 5,1
Sci-Fi / Horror / Romance / Hollywood / Films / Action / Adventure / Drama

The Manny

The Manny 12-11-2022
year: 2015
country: Germany
age: n/A
IMDb 5,6
Comedy / Hollywood / Films / Drama / Family


Srimanthudu 11-11-2022
year: 2015
country: India
age: n/A
IMDb 7,5
Animation / Cartoon / Family / Bollywood / Films / Action / Drama


Tamasha 7-11-2022
year: 2015
country: India
age: n/A
IMDb 7,3
Comedy / Drama / Bollywood / Films / Romance