The House Among the Cactuses (2022)

  • 2022
  • n/A

Storyline The House Among the Cactuses (2022)

A film of Spanish origin that will tell its viewers about a truly happy family. In one of the cities, a private house was located far from everyone, where Rosa and Elio lived. These two loving hearts built their nest, where they subsequently had as many as five children. On top of everything else, they turned out to be only girls. They were all different, where someone has the qualities of calm daughters, and the rest simply could not sit still, constantly making their parents nervous. But this family could be cited as an example to everyone else, until supernatural forces decided to destroy their idyll. If at first this artistic picture may seem like an ordinary melodrama, then by the middle the opinion will begin to change dramatically. After all, strange things begin to happen inside the house, and then dangerous things for the life and health of those who are located there. All five daughters have their own secret, which they are not going to tell their parents about. It is Fran who decides to take this situation under her control, where the main goal will be to bring the girls to the surface.

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The House Among the Cactuses (2022) poster -
  • country: Spain
  • original name: La casa entre los cactus
  • runtime: 88 min.
  • original language: n/A
  • translation: Hindi
  • director: Carlota González-Adrio
cast: Ariadna Gil, Daniel Grao, Ricardo Gómez, Zoe Arnao, Aina Picarolo
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