420 IPC (2021)

  • 2021
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Storyline 420 IPC (2021)

In India, there is article 420 in the Criminal Code, which implies punishment for fraud and economic crimes on a particularly large scale. It is this article 420 that is the main plot of the Indian film, which tells about fraudulent methods that help dishonest businessmen to enrich themselves. It all starts from the moment a construction magnate loses three sheets from his checkbook. Moreover, each check was for a fairly substantial amount, immediately all charges fall on Bansi Keswani, who works as an accountant for the entrepreneur.


The unfortunate man finds himself in a difficult situation, his family already lives terribly, they have a lot of debts, and other problems that they can't figure out in any way. To try to get the charges dropped, the accountant's wife hires a novice lawyer. Although the guy is young for such trials, his goal is to win this case in order to make a career start for himself. The court in India is of course very peculiar and the plot just reveals its entire ill-conceived system, where a person who stole a huge fortune is most often not punished, and the one on whom they hang a trifle becomes a scapegoat.

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  • country: India
  • original name: 420 IPC
  • runtime: 98 min.
  • original language: Hindi
  • translation: Hindi
  • director: Manish Gupta
cast: Vinay Pathak, Rohan Vinod Mehra, Ranvir Shorey, Gul Panag, Arif Zakaria
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