Cabin Fever (2016)

  • 2016
  • R

Storyline Cabin Fever (2016)

Five young people one day go to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Friends rented a small house in a remote area, not far from a picturesque lake. The guests, who were located on the shore of the reservoir, encountered local residents who were aggressively disposed towards strangers. The inhabitants of these parts warned vacationers to walk more carefully through the forest, otherwise they risk catching a dangerous disease that several tourists who have visited here before have contracted.


After looking around and finding nothing suspicious, the friends decided to relax with the help of alcoholic beverages. After a couple of days of fun and carefree pastime, a strange-looking man appears on the threshold of a forest house where friends are staying, vomiting blood. Terrified townspeople accidentally set fire to a stranger who tried to extinguish himself by diving into the water. The man failed to escape. Soon, scary things start happening to guys and girls.

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  • country: United States of America
  • original name: Cabin Fever
  • runtime: 99 min.
  • original language: English
  • translation: Hindi
  • director: Travis Zariwny
cast: Eli Roth, Teresa Decher, Samuel Davis, Nadine Crocker, Dustin Ingram, Richard G. Boron, Gage Golightly, Tim Zajaros, Matthew Daddario, Randy Schulman, George Griffith, Louise Linton, Aaron Trainor, Laura Kenny, Derrick R. Means, Jason Rouse, Benton Morris, Ted Pfeifer
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