Baltic Tribes (2018)

  • 2018
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Storyline Baltic Tribes (2018)

A scientific and educational documentary film that tells about the Baltic tribes of the XIII century. The main character is a spy from Denmark, Lars, with whom you have to go to the time of paganism. There is all the diversity of the Middle Ages: pagan tribal rituals, bloody invasions, the joy of the summer solstice, slaveholding, crusaders and the Battle of Saul.


The picture reveals the misconception that the tribes of the Baltic coast were far from peaceful farmers. Who are these pagan tribes from Europe really? What are our ancestors like? Whose blood is bubbling in our veins? These and many other issues are revealed with varying degrees in this film.

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  • country: Latvia
  • original name: Baltu ciltis
  • runtime: 103 min.
  • original language: Latvian
  • translation: Hindi
  • director: Raitis Ābele, Lauris Ābele
cast: Kaspars Aniņš, Kristaps Bedritis, Lauma Balode, Andris Roze, Jānis Skutelis
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