An Intrusion (2021)

  • 2021
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Storyline An Intrusion (2021)

Sam's family gets into a monstrous situation, a stalker is systematically and cruelly hunting for them, trying to bring unhappy people to the utmost despair. Before that, the main characters did not have to experience difficulties in life, everything was good and stable for them, none of them could have thought that in the near future, they would have to plunge into a series of terrible and merciless persecution. It seems unrealistic to get out of this, even the help of law enforcement agencies cannot protect them from monstrous messages from a manic person. Only Sam begins to realize that all the persecutions of the malicious stalker are connected exclusively with his secrets, which he so carefully tried to hide from everyone. His secrets begin to ruin his whole family, which is not so easy to withstand all this nonsense created by a sick maniac. The world of the main characters is completely changed by this invasion, it is unbearable and it is necessary to try to find a way out of this nightmare, but every time it becomes harder to find a way to avoid these painful minutes.

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  • country:
  • original name: An Intrusion
  • runtime: 98 min.
  • original language: English
  • translation: Hindi
  • director: Nicholas Holland
cast: Sam Logan Khaleghi, Keir Gilchrist, Scout Taylor-Compton, Billy Boyd, Jaime Zevallos, Dustin Prince
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