Iké Boys (2021)

  • 2021
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Storyline Iké Boys (2021)

Two teenagers are obsessed with Japan, they know absolutely everything about this country. Friends are ready to spend hours reading books or watching interesting stories about the land of the rising sun, they can make any sacrifice to get closer to their dream. One day they get their hands on a disc with an animated Japanese film that tells about a serious battle between samurai and demons. At the same moment, an exchange girl comes to their school, and from where they would like to go themselves. The guys are incredibly happy with such an acquaintance and begin to make friends with the new girl.


New friends are united by a love of anime, one evening they gather at one of the heroes at home and turn on a new movie that the boys recently got their hands on. As soon as the first shots appeared on the screen, each teenager is struck by lightning with incredible force and in an instant they get amazing opportunities. Now they are unusual outsiders, their power has become so powerful that guys can use laser glow from their eyes, and an unprecedented weapon comes out of any limbs, which happens only in science fiction films.

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  • country:
  • original name: Iké Boys
  • runtime: 88 min.
  • original language: English
  • translation: Hindi, English
  • director: Eric McEver
cast: Quinn Lord, Ronak Gandhi, Christina Higa, Billy Zane, Yumiko Shaku, Ben Browder, Saylor Bell Curda, Sam Ashby, Agneeta Thacker, Sanjana Rajagopalan, Chris Freihofer, Christopher Troy, Hunter C. Smith, Gary England, Lee Roland, Joel Dilley
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