Plan egg (2017)

  • 2017
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Storyline Plan egg (2017)

An amazing story of animated characters who will plunge into the world of dangerous and very interesting adventures. Animals are endowed with special qualities, despite their cute appearance, inside each hero is courage, heroism and responsibility for the lives of their friends. A dinosaur, turtles and an incredibly intelligent rabbit, capable of coming up with clever plans and all sorts of ways out of a difficult situation on the go, are waiting for decisive actions to become heroes. The team is ready for any difficulties and nothing can stop them to save their world from destruction. The evil genius, as always, plans to arrange a monstrous diversion and execute his insidious plan to take over the world. He had been harboring evil intent for too long, and he knew that the time would come when he would be able to take revenge on those who once did not support him and offended him. The terrifying dragon will keep good characters away from the goal by all means, but they are not afraid, because they have a special perfect space weapon in their arsenal that can destroy even the most powerful opponents.

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  • original name: Plan egg
  • original language: Chinese
  • translation: Hindi
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