The Social Dilemma (2020)

  • 2020
  • PG-13

Storyline The Social Dilemma (2020)

Social networks today play an important role in a person's life, perhaps it is dangerous for the internal state of the individual and makes him dependent, but there is no way to stop yourself from using this product. It seems that people become slaves of Internet communities, they form attention to who and how follows their lives on social networks, put marks, positive or negative, leave comments or even make acquaintances in the vastness of the virtual world. Comparison, deification or, conversely, humiliation can hover in these public places, sometimes bringing the owners of the pages to rage, depression or, conversely, a blissful state.


Researchers believe that soon every person on the planet will become dependent on the bad influence of social networks, but nevertheless the creators of the programs do not want to stop, and more and more new ways of communication are entering the Internet space. The scariest thing is when people are trying to organize a Haight over a certain person through the public, there have already been tragic cases when people have taken their own lives because of a bad opinion. Despite all kinds of personal relationships in social networks, they play a huge role in the economic sphere, companies can talk about their new products and attract customers to purchase special goods.

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  • country: United States of America
  • original name: The Social Dilemma
  • runtime: 94 min.
  • original language: English
  • translation: Hindi
  • director: Jeff Orlowski
cast: Skyler Gisondo, Kara Hayward, Vincent Kartheiser, Tristan Harris, Jaron Lanier, Sophia Hammons, Catalina Garayoa, Barbara Gehring, Chris Grundy, Vic Alejandro, Laura Obiols
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