Provoked (2016)

  • 2016
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Storyline Provoked (2016)

A small team of fans exploring a variety of paranormal phenomena has repeatedly tried to find evidence of the existence of an otherworldly reality. Despite the efforts made, the brave guys failed to achieve positive results. Another sortie ended in complete failure, the main characters returned home empty-handed and broken hopes.


After some time, one of the members of the team, Matt, who has almost completely lost faith in ghosts, decides in a rather risky way to call into reality at least some inhabitant of the underworld. Soon, high-tech special equipment registered a fairly high level of paranormal activity caused by the presence of a disembodied entity nearby, ready to contact people. The unfortunate researchers do not even suspect what kind of nightmare they will face in the near future.

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Provoked (2016) poster -
  • country: United States of America
  • original name: Provoked
  • runtime: 76 min.
  • original language: English
  • translation: Hindi
  • director: Jordan Pacheco
cast: Tony Moran, Christopher P. O'Reilly, Nicole Lasala, Dan Liebman, Jami Tennille, Sean Carmichael, Kati Salowsky, Camille Farnan, Michaelah Noelle Nunes
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