Anti-Squat (2023)

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Storyline Anti-Squat (2023)

Paris, today. 38 y.o. Ines, mother of teenage Jules whom she is raising alone, is threatened with eviction. She absolutely must get a stable job to find them a place to live. She is taken on 2 months trial at “Anti-Squat”, a start-up company offering temporary housing in empty suburbs office buildings. But the rules are very strict and the tenants have no rights. As a manager, Ines must live and sleep in the building to monitor the residents. But children are forbidden... She has two months to go, two months to complete her trial period, two months to start a new life at the risk of losing her most cherished values.

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  • country: France
  • original name: Anti-Squat
  • runtime: 0.
  • original language: fr
  • translation: Hindi
  • director: Nicolas Silhol
cast: Louise Bourgoin, Samy Belkessa, Tobias Nuytten-Vialle, Antoine Gouy, Sâm Mirhosseini, Arthur Choisnet, Adèle Wismes
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