The Imperfects (2022)

  • 2022
  • TV-MA

Storyline The Imperfects (2022)

Three ordinary teenagers come under the spotlight. The young guy behaved inadequately at school, provoked the teacher and also schoolmates to the infinite conflicts. Parents could not affect his behavior, and decided to direct the young man to the psychoanalyst, but here it was expected by an unpleasant message. Having regained consciousness from a deep dream, it became clear that the local employee of medical service put experiences on the youth, and turned it into the real monster. Having improbable supernatural talents, the guy has special force. But if it does not stop, then it completely will absorb his body, and it will turn into uncontrollable essence.

Having been frightened of the similar diagnosis, he tried to find out details and also wanted to find this scientist to ask it about many circumstances. But later it became clear that little girls will join it. They also, as well as it, became the victims of a difficult experiment. They have a distinctive feature, supernatural abilities are quite different and at everyone the force. However, having united in team, they should move off in a travel in searches of this professor and to force it to stop process of transformation into the monster, kids do not want to be alien beings.

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  • country: Canada, United States of America
  • original name: The Imperfects
  • runtime: 45 min.
  • original language: English
  • translation: Hindi, English
cast: Italia Ricci, Iñaki Godoy, Morgan Taylor Campbell, Rhianna Jagpal, Rhys Nicholson, Kyra Zagorsky
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