No Limit (2022)

  • 2022
  • TV-MA

Storyline No Limit (2022)

Roxana got acquainted with the nice man who dives, and too was fond of this sport. However it rather dangerous, it is also impossible to calculate in an exact measure the forces at a huge depth. The felt pressure of water forces to grab air. But it does not concern the heroine at all, the main thing for her is a love and hobby. She gave up study did not tell about it to mother at all, was afraid of condemnation. And, having gone to the provincial town, having left borders of Paris, it moved towards to adventures.

All it seemed ideally, interviewed her partner as he was improbable in diving. It also passed all experiments at a high depth. But once, when went to swimming, and had to try on descent in water again, the guy did not calculate force, and nearly choked. By its miracle managed to save, but it strongly irritates it, another he does not want to be engaged in anything in life any more. She asks it to stop and find other hobby. It provokes infinite quarrels. She obviously does not wish to leave it, but when found out late at night that he embraces other beauty, realized that for a long time he with it is not going to be late. She madly got confused, at all does not know how to correct the life, already made many mistakes.

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  • country: Belgium, France
  • original name: Sous emprise
  • runtime: 100 min.
  • original language: French
  • translation: Hindi, English
  • director: David M. Rosenthal
cast: Sofiane Zermani, Camille Rowe, César Domboy, Zacharie Chasseriaud, Alexandre Poole, Hassam Ghancy, Laurent Fernandez, Laurence Porteil, Grégory Gaule, Antonin Schopfer, Johakim Mejri, Mélanie Laurent, Sally Margueron, Gaëtan Fritsch, Stéphane Mifsud
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