Haray Khuji Tare (2024)

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Storyline Haray Khuji Tare (2024)

Abir and Sreeporna are childhood friends. They grew up working together with an amateur theatre group. Nilavra, a close friend of Abir, joins the group and falls in love with Sreeporna. Although Abir is also fond of Sreeporna, he fails to express his feelings to her. Nilavra's parents send him abroad for higher studies. He promises to marry Sreeporna after his return. Couple of months after Nilavra's departure, Sreeporna realises that she is pregnant. She tries to contact Nilavra but fails. Hopeless and helpless, she decides to reveal the matter to Abir. Abir goes to meet Nilavra's parents along with Sreeporna and shares the situation with them. But Nilavra's parents refuse to accept any responsibility whatsoever. Abir, always in love with Sreeporna proposes marriage to Sreeporna but she rejects. Without informing anyone, Sreeporna decides to leave town, along with her mother, to stay with her aunt in a faraway town, where she gives birth to her child. After a while, Nilavra returns home, searches and enquires about the whereabouts of Sreeporna. Unfortunately, he comes to know that Sreeporna has left town for good. After seven painful years, Nilavra gets to meet Sreeporna, the single mother along with their son, unexpectedly at a faraway tourist location. Nilavra pleads Sreeporna to come along with him, but Sreeporna refuses the proposal saying it is too late. Nilavra is left with a bleeding heart. The story of three close friends trapped in a vicious triangle of love and social stigma unfolds poignantly for the film's audience.

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  • original name: Haray Khuji Tare
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  • translation: Bengali
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