Secrets of the Kohinoor (2022)

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Storyline Secrets of the Kohinoor (2022)

In the documentary project secrets and secrets of emergence of Kokhinur diamond will be revealed. This stone differed from much known for the weight and the size. Diamond was so great that it could not be used in various jewelry, except a crown. The British decided to take control at once of this stone and to insert into a headdress of the queen-mother. In present time it is located as huge ornament in a crown of the royal person.

But there are data on its production. It appears, source codes claim that it was found on the Kollur mine in India. At that time Kakatiya was the predominating dynasty in the territory of the Indian lands. Reliable record concerning the initial weight and the size of this diamond, unfortunately, did not remain. But how exactly this diamond appeared in the British diaspora? And who lost the improbable value of the Indian mines?

The sultan of Delhi - Allaudin Haldzhi was the following successor after Kakatiya's dynasty. However and he did not manage to hold diamond therefore the stone passed into other dynasties in the strong hands, and traveled between the Southern and Western Asia. On time frames at that moment there was the British annexation of Punjab. At this moment in hands of the Queen Victoria there was a facetted diamond. She decided to use it for increase in the influence in society.

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  • country: India
  • original name: Secrets of the Kohinoor
  • original language: n/A
  • translation: Hindi
  • director: Raghav Jairath
cast: Manoj Bajpayee
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