The Night Belongs to Lovers (2021)

  • 2021
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Storyline The Night Belongs to Lovers (2021)

The Axel from early age was famous for bad reputation, and constantly was considered as the lady's man as demented each little girl who met on the way. But when he matured, suddenly decided to settle down and improve. He met the beautiful girl, fell in love with her at first sight, and further they decided to be together. She moved to it to the dwelling. From this point he realized that it is time to finish its way of the lover. It is necessary to make proposal to the young maiden. There are preparations for a wedding. He was immensely happy to be near this young lady, and felt special inflow of tenderness, love and caress. But suddenly, late at night, when he came back home, met the stranger.

Joan reported that she knows it. However he cannot remember it at all. She suggests it to come home, to drink a cup of tea and to talk about the past. Surprisingly he agrees, and, having come into the dwelling, cannot leave any more. Feels special temptation and an attraction to this person. Mentally he understood that it is wrong. Did not want to change the bride at all, and tried to get rid of the delusion overflowing his heart. But the stranger convinces him to remain on all night long. And during this period he decided to be honest with it. She offers it unforgettable pastime where he can be himself, and more you should not pretend to be. He, naturally, agrees. But soon there will come morning, it needs to understand what further to do with future wedding and the current treason.

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The Night Belongs to Lovers (2021) poster -
  • country: France
  • original name: La nuit aux amants
  • runtime: 88 min.
  • original language: French
  • translation: English
  • director: Julien Hilmoine
cast: Laura Müller, Schemci Lauth
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