In the Name of the King III (2014)

  • 2014
  • R

Storyline In the Name of the King III (2014)

The plot tells about two time periods, one of which takes place in the Middle Ages, and the other in the fourteenth year of the twenty-first century. In the modern world, there is a professional killer, a mercenary who enjoys great authority, Hazen Kane. He has been working in this difficult case for a long time, and he is thinking about finally stopping with murders. The man decides that he will complete the last serious task, earn a good job and go on a well-deserved rest. The customer asks him to kidnap two daughters from a sufficiently influential and rich man, for further blackmail. Kane quickly completes his mission, he takes the girls to the garage, where he locks them. Before that, one of the girls, he notices a pendant on her neck, an exact copy of the tattoo on his arm. He was very interested in this find, and he takes it for himself. As soon as a mysterious amulet gets to him, a time portal opens in front of him, and the main character instantly enters the era of the Middle Ages.


Now he will have to know a completely different world, he finds himself in a small village, which becomes the object of an attack by a ferocious dragon. It's too hard to kill such a monstrous creature, a man can't even shoot through his thick skin. Perhaps he would have had to die if two sisters had not come to his aid. They hide the young man at home, where he tells them his fantastic story. Realizing that only magic will help here, the three of them go to the sorcerer, who, when he sees Kane, says that he is a chosen soldier who can protect this world from the rule of the ruthless king Tervin. Soon they manage to achieve the desired goal, but only on their return, the main character will face too difficult trials, because now he will have to stand on the side of good deeds and thoughts, like a true knight.

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  • country: Germany, Canada
  • original name: In the Name of the King III
  • runtime: 86 min.
  • original language: English
  • translation: Hindi
  • director: Uwe Boll
cast: Dominic Purcell, Ralitsa Paskaleva, Daria Simeonova, Petra Gocheva, Marina Dakova, Bashar Rahal, Nikolai Sotirov, Marian Valev, Tsvotoluyb Itlev, Fahradin Fahradinov, Shelly Varod, Yavor Vasellnov, Valentin Balabanov
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