Water Monster 2 (2021)

  • 2021
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Storyline Water Monster 2 (2021)

Qing Ling is a young girl who studied at the university to be a forensic scientist. Thus, she was raised in a favorable family. However, they are not her birth parents, but took the girl to provide for when she turned 6 years old. It turned out that her past family had died in terrible circumstances. She doesn't remember what happened at all, since she was little, but she dreamed of finding out the reasons for their death all her life. Law enforcement agencies shrug their hands, and they cannot adequately tell her the truth.


Having grown up and collected savings, the young lady decided to go to her former settlement, where she comes from. I have not been here once since the death of my relatives. Now she is discovering new secrets and secrets of the local residents. In particular, it seems to her that at night she is called by the voice of her brother, whom she does not remember at all. But I'm sure he's still alive and trapped. In this area, the inhabitants worship the water in the black forests. The heroine decided to join their worship, as well as reveal the truth about this creature. She is sure that if the merman exists, she will be able to ask him important questions about the death of relatives. She wants him to tell her the truth in due measure. But she did not suspect that she would be in great danger. In fact, these individuals leave victims for their deity right in the dark forest.

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  • country: China
  • original name: 水怪2:黑木林
  • runtime: 84 min.
  • original language: Mandarin
  • translation: Hindi
  • director: Qiuliang Xiang, Hesheng Xiang
cast: Wang Zhener, Han Dong, Liu Lincheng, Wang Jianguo, Wang Hongqian, Guo Jiayi, Zirun Wang, Ziqi Wei, Wu Chengzhi, Rong Weifeng, Xu Shaohang
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