Blood, Sex & Royalty (2022)

  • 2022
  • TV-MA

Storyline Blood, Sex & Royalty (2022)

Royal intrigues fascinate with their cynicism, greed and cruelty, what great people will not do to maintain their power and gain even greater influence in the world. It is true that power blinds, it clouds the mind, after which people become hypnotized, lose their will and understanding, they want to do only according to their desires and not listen to anyone else. Only because of this, many noble nobles and kings lost their lives, not thinking that their whims and nightmarish desires lead themselves to imminent death. This historical project is made in a slightly modern way, trying to show the audience a more simplified form of perception. The royal drama has not lasted a single century, and therefore can fully tell about the formation of this limitless power in the territory of Europe at that time. The stories of the iconic characters of the monarchy will be an amazing and informative way to increase your knowledge, as well as to learn in an easy way about the inner love experiences of men and women of the royal court.

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  • country: United Kingdom
  • original name: Blood, Sex & Royalty
  • runtime: 44 min.
  • original language: English, Ukrainian
  • translation: Hindi, English
cast: Amy James-Kelly, Max Parker, Adam Astill, Lois Brabin-Platt, Jhon Lumsden, Sophie Boettge, Nikhita Lesler, Callum Coates, Stephen Fewell, Simonas Mozūra
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