Anti Matter (2016)

  • 2016
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Storyline Anti Matter (2016)

Ana studied movement in space for a long time, and completed her studies at Oxford. She is interested in such studies. And when she successfully recruited a good group that could help her get rid of a lot of difficulties in this experiment, then suddenly everything worked out for her. She moved objects in space, and later even moved on to animals. Mice and cats felt great, being in the designated area, and moving in periods. It's time to test it on a person, but the girl is afraid to substitute her friends and acquaintances. Therefore, I decided to do an experiment on my own, became a test subject. She did not suspect at all that great difficulties awaited her. In fact, the heroine will have a lot of memory lapses. Everything seems to have gone well, but she doesn't remember anything. Trying to ask friends, they do not explain anything to her, and only spread their hands, trying to calm the woman. But she is increasingly worried about her condition.

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  • country: United Kingdom
  • original name: Anti Matter
  • runtime: 109 min.
  • original language: English, Spanish
  • translation: Hindi
  • director: Keir Burrows
cast: Yaiza Figueroa, Philippa Carson, Tom Barber-Duffy, Noah Maxwell Clarke, James Farrar, Yolanda Vazquez, Casey Lawler, Harrie Hayes
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